Montag, Januar 30, 2006

A girl in blue jeans and a grey hodded sweater....

" smoking a cigarette,
sitting in the warm, white sand of this country`s cliffy shores.

The night left some warmth back, deep in the sand,
she still can feel with her naked toes.
A moderate breeze tries out the tears running over her cheek,
feeding the everlasting sea.

There is a ocean full of sorrow,
of mourning and desperate love,
in every morning lies a worry,
in every evening lives a death.

The doves forgot to cry but learned how to sigh,
the girls stands up and leaves behind.
There is a heartbreaker in every one of us,
and a broken heart is what we all are sentenced to.

A wooden sailboat toy is carrying me away,
like the guy she learned to hate.
Soon she'll be seventeen,
and will know all there is to know.

There is nothing more to learn,
after your first kiss,
and the second you don't get. "

Simone Fisher - Steep coast