Donnerstag, August 05, 2004

I saw the Thermals tonight.

I had this smile on my face, that was gone for so long, while i danced. No, not danced. Every movement was just an intimation of me being there. I was buried deep in my thoughts. Back in this summer night in Berlin. It has to be over a year ago now....

Just a short visit. This girl, i met her at that club the cool people seem to go to. We talked. From Music to films to books and back to music again. She told me about that band, and that i have to listen to it. She took me home. We sat down on her kitchenfloor and talked for hours. From Music to films to books we came to frogs, rabbits, clouds, planes, cities, dreams, thoughts, life. In the background, it must have been the seventh or eigth time the record repeated somewhere between planes and cities. Again this song "go fast go slow go sly go low". When we arrived she put on The Thermals, and she sweared to me i have to know them. The A-side kept repating till the early morning hours. Suddenly she stood up, grapped my hand and said "I'm tired. I want to sleep with you". "That's how all good things end and all bad things start." i told her and left her flat. I wandered through the awaking city. A jungle of concrete and tar. All the girls i spend only one night with. I forgot the few i had sex with, and i remember every single one i desperately wanted to.

I should stop pretending my life is a movie and stop acting. There is no script. And if so, it's definetley not me who should be the author.