Donnerstag, Juli 06, 2006

I'm so sorry,...

"...but I really have to leave now.
Believe me, it does hurt me more than it does hurt you.
Saying goodbye is always sad, but I'm sure,
you soon will hardly remember my name.

There is always a new one, and my new one - they people say she is a beauty,
but you don't know how beauty you are.
She doesn't have those deails and scars, that made up your grace and charme.
There lays a beauty in imperfection as there is a cold in spotlessness.

I talked to snotty about you, I'm sorry, i never new what i had.
How comes, people always know, what something is worth,
when they have to give up on it.

You are a treasury of imperfection,
Your streets, the banks,
your people, that's you.

I'm sorry for what i did, didn't mean to hurt you.
At least, now you are in the position to hurt.
Nostalgia is such a pain."

Boy with a broken hertz - W2W and back home